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"Design Is Thinking Made Visual"


Graphic design studio with concept, spirit and soul

Do you want to be the first to know about good deals, get tips for digital marketing and keep up to date with what's new in the world of graphics?

תודה, נשלח ממש בקרוב

Designing and building interfaces, websites and landing pages
Today in the digital age, a website for a business or a landing page that gathers all the information relevant to the potential customer in one place is a must!

You can build a website or landing page on any platform, starting with characterization, while clarifying your marketing needs, design planning and then setting up and connections.
Branding and characterizing the business
Any business that wants to become a brand
Must invest in his visual visibility in order to reach the target audience he is targeting, precise messages through professional graphic design, with concept and visual differentiation.

In the studio you can embark with me on a fun and in-depth process of finding your brand identity with a logo design and branding package.

I'm so glad you came!

What's in the studio  >>

Design for digital and print
A business that wants to succeed and reach the right customer, invests in marketing and advertising on social networks, Google, digital platforms and print.

In my studio you can find a solution for every need, you can order individual orders or receive graphic products in an affordable monthly retainer!
Designing business presentations
Do you have an important presentation for investors, a webinar or a lecture?
If you are looking to refine messages, present your service or product in a respectable, professional and interesting manner
Designing business presentations is our specialty
Lectures, design studies and accompanying graphic designers at the beginning of their career
I am a graphic design instructor and lecturer at several leading colleges across the country.

In addition, I manage a large community of graphic designers and guide projects, build portfolios and accompany hired and independent designers who are looking to break into the market.
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Who am I?

My name is Maya Daniel, I am a graphic designer
Over 15 years and I believe in creativity, innovation, and collaboration that yields amazing results.

My clients tell me that I am creative, tolerant, agile, professional and have honesty and a high work ethic! I love to see my clients develop and grow, their success is my success!

In order to grow as a brand you can get In my studio branding, logo design, graphic marketing solutions and business presentation design, building landing pages and websites on all types of platforms.

In addition, I am a mother of 3, happily married most of the time :) Laren and I manage a large community of graphic designers and teach at leading design colleges because I believe in sharing my knowledge and experience!

Logo Designing

Recent projects

From logo design and branding for businesses, brochures, booklets, presentations and websites..
I'm ready for the next design challenge

Logo Design
Accurate graphic design tells a story
Using typography, colors and shapes.
Let me tell your story

בואו נדבר

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