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Who am I?
Very nice, I'm Maya Daniel, mother of 3 and most of the time happily married to Ran :).
And I'm a graphic designer with a lot of passion for design, love of people, connections and innovation.

My clients tell me that I am creative, tolerant, agile, professional and have honesty and a high work ethic! Probably it is inherent in my Russian roots..

In my studio you can get branding, logo design, graphic marketing solutions and business presentation design for lectures, webinars and investors.

The studio also specializes in building websites on a variety of platforms, Impressive landing pages and provides solutions in the field of digital marketing.

Together we will turn your business into a real brand!
How can I help you?
Today it's all about the image and people decide on a purchase based on your digital visibility long before the price or receiving recommendations.

There is no substitute for a first impression and graphic design is the first impression your business makes!

Clients of the studio
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